Step by Step Guide to Plan Your Wedding


When you don’t plan your wedding well in advance, it can be quite messy & tiresome. Each bride looks forward for her wedding day & wants it to be perfect as she wants. This can be quite stressful. However, you can avoid such stress when you plan your perfect wedding well in advance. In this article we present to you seven simple Step by Step Guide to Plan Your WeddingSTEP BY STEP WEDDING PLANNING

Organize your Priorities

You may have a long list of things that you want to include for your wedding. However, it’s important to prioritize the elements in your list. You should take certain decisions & compromises to suit your budget. You should prioritize according to the most importance things in your list in the decreasing importance. This will help you to delete unnecessary items that require lot of money & time & are not important. Hence, now you are done with a list of things that you want to include. Further let’s see how you should go with your decision making process.

Decision Making

Now that you are done with the final list of things, you can proceed with your decision making process. This will lay the foundation of your dream wedding. Hence, this process requires your sufficient investment of time & valuable discussion with your family members. You may make certain compromises. For instance, if you want your wedding to happen in winter then something like open air carriage does not make a suitable option. Hence, you should go for safer options like a limousine or other mode of transportation. Further you will understand that how you should break down your work in an efficient manner.

Break Down the Work

Now you possess a fair idea of how the wedding will look. Your next step should be to start to break down your long list of work into smaller elements. This will help you to easily keep a track on various things & help you to execute the tasks efficiently. You should also remember to stay within budget when you decide on things like décor, venue, wedding party, food, entertainment, bakery & transportation.

When you break down things into smaller elements, it helps you to easily evaluate small nuances. For instance, consider you plan for a wedding. You will consider what kind of elements like bride dresses, shoes, flowers & best man suits I should opt for. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

It’s also important to decide on the best possible dates. You should check whether they clash with certain political or social functions. You should check that the important members of your wedding party don’t miss out due to their other plans on these dates. Also you should take time to research & decide on the most suitable weather to avoid any inconvenience during the wedding. Further you can plan & create a schedule for your wedding party.

Create a Schedule

Once you are done with the breaking down of work, you can plan & create a schedule for your wedding party. This schedule will help you to keep a check on how things should happen & when. Creating a schedule is important to make sure that you do not miss on things such as booking caterers, transportation or order of flowers for the wedding party. Further you will gain information that how delegation of work helps you.


It is always welcome when you delegate certain amount of work to others. Delegation of work helps you to concentrate on other important things & reduces your workload to a great extent. Hence, you should delegate smaller tasks to your family members & friends whom you trust. These people will reduce your workload to a great extent so that you are relaxed in your wedding party. However, ensure that you give them all the schedule details & follow up to make sure that they justify their work properly. Further you can proceed & confirm the details of the wedding party. Let’s see how to execute the same efficiently.

Confirm Details

It’s important to confirm all the essential details as the wedding day approaches. It includes last minute checks like to confirm the time of arrival for your limousine, to check the final number of people for the venue & caterers are in place or not. This will save you from any hassles during the wedding day which if ignored can cause great embarrassment.

Relax and Enjoy Yourselves

It’s your wedding party. This is a special day of your life. Hence, it’s important to live every moment to the fullest. When you take time to appreciate your wedding day, it helps you to relax & enjoy every moment.

Hence, now you are aware about the importance of planning your wedding party well in advance. When you plan well in advance you are ensured that everything will happen just as you expect on your wedding day.

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