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How to Rent a Limousine

How to Rent a Limousine

In order to get the perfect limo depends on many factors. These factors include the type of event, number of people involved, time & total distance covered. Most companies offer services suitable for specific events. These events can be weddings, concerts, prom nights, birthday parties or anniversaries. Most companies often specialize in specific events. This helps companies to deliver the finest possible experience due to specialization in respective fields. It is always better if you provide your limo service provider with all the details necessary. This helps the service provider to give you better value & service according to all your requirements.

Further you can browse through the steps you should keep in mind while you decide to rent the perfect Limousine for you.

How to Rent a Limousine | Steps

Consider the type of eventNormally limousine companies charge according to the type of an event. There are various types of events like Airport Transfer, Wedding, Night Out or a Birthday Party. Also there are other events like City Tour, Day Trips, Concerts & other Special Events. Most limo companies offer special rates for airport transfers & B to C transfers. All limousine companies offer hourly minimum rates on Friday & Saturday nights.

Prepare the details of what you are looking for- Most of the companies offer hourly rates. Hence, it’s important to decide on the number of hours you require the limo for.

Determine how many people will be participating before you call- This is a crucial factor to decide on the right type of vehicle which will accommodate everyone comfortably. Hence, ensure to rent a limousine that will accommodate all your guests comfortably!

Decide on the type of vehicle you need. Below is the list of all types of limousines available-

Sedans- These are mostly Town cars. However, sometimes a Sedan can also be a Mercede­­­­­­­s or a Specialty Sedan.

Six Passenger Limousine- These types of limousines can accommodate four people comfortably.

Eight Passenger Limousine- These types of limousines can accommodate six people comfortably.

10 Passenger Limousine- These types of limousines can accommodate eight people comfortably.

12 Passenger Limousine- These types of limousines can accommodate ten people comfortably.

14-22 SUV Limousine- These types of limousines are typically Navigators, Escalades, or Excursions.

18-20 Passenger Hummers

Small Shuttle Bus- These types of limousines can accommodate 22-35 Passengers comfortably.

Coach Bus- These types of limousines can accommodate 45-55 Passengers comfortably.

Small Limo Bus- These types of limousines can accommodate 14-22 Passengers comfortably.

Coach Limo Bus- These types of limousines can accommodate 28-35 Passengers comfortably.

Classic Cars- Rolls Royce.

 Focus on value- There are differences in the quality of services offered by various limousine companies. You should not just focus on the price factor. However, the quality of the service matters which leaves an experience of a lifetime! It is always good to pre-determine a budget of your own before time. However, make sure that you get a good quality experience you want. If not then it might spoil the experience of your special evening!

Get the right ride- Many a times the perfect vehicle makes all the difference. It can be a nice stretch Hummer for a bachelorette party or a royal classic antique to ride off in royal style from a wedding. In any case ensure that the vehicle you rent has enough space & features.

It’s always to be on a safer side if you book a vehicle which can accommodate at least one or two additional people. Also consider to include features like a good seating arrangement & enough luggage capacity. This is especially true for large type of group vehicles. If you are still confused to select the best ride for you then you can check out our Limo Pricing Guide for vehicle details.

Safety first- Safety is the most important factor to ensure while you book a limo for all your members including yourself. Limo companies must be legitimate. They should be registered with the respective states (US only). Limousine companies must have all the proper licenses. They must have appropriate levels of insurance in place. You must not book a limousine with a company which avoids showing their licensing & insurance credentials. In this case you attempt to risk your life & your party member’s lives as well!

Plan ahead- You should draft a plan ahead of time regarding all the specific details of the ride experience you want. You should decide on the preferred route you want for your ride & the stops you want to make. When you provide all such details, it makes it easier for the limo service provider to fulfill all your needs at the right price.

Get the whole price- You should always ensure to check & evaluate the price factors between the limo service providers. Each limousine company normally has its own unique pricing policy. Many companies offer hourly rates. However, they may also offer guaranteed airport ride rates & all-inclusive packages. You should also attentively consider factors like “add on rates”. These rates are fuel surcharges & other service charge that is not covered in the base price.

Packages- Packages are often considered the best options for special events like wedding, concert, prom night & other special events. It is because for these events you can predict a start & an end time. There are companies which offer packages for each type of special event. Most of them give considerable “bulk rates” with price breaks.

Reserve early- especially for big events: In order to avoid hassles, it is better to start off early & search for the right limousine you need. For events like weddings, many people book their limos one year in advance. It is better to start looking for your limousine one month in advance before the event.

Once you have selected the limousine service provider, confirm the same in writing. For certain special events, it’s safer to contact the limo service provider 2 weeks before the event. This will ensure that everything is all right as decided.

Call companies and listen to how each company deals with your phone call- This is very important & tells you that what kind of treatment you will receive throughout the event. It is vital that the company gives positive response to all your requests before & throughout your special event. Hence, carefully evaluate the responses you get from various service providers. You should ensure to ask for charges/rates which include gratuity rates & cancellation charges. Also ensure how much they charge for the extra hours & their TCP number (State license to be a licensed transport). You should confirm that your vehicles include add ons like alcohol, music & passes to club or not.

Book the vehicle with the company you choose- Once you’re done with the booking procedures; ensure to have a copy of your contract & all the reservation details. The details must include your confirmation number, your number of reservation as well as the company’s cancellation policies in writing & email. Ensure that you confirm properly the out the door price. This is the price which the company charges on your credit card.

Call 2-4 days before your event to confirm your reservation and request the driver’s cell phone number- Make sure all the routing factors are appropriate as decided by you. Ensure that the driver is scheduled as decided to avoid any kind of hassles. You should be aware if there is any “Farm-out” happening from the company. When a company decides to “Farm-out” they decide to sell your reservation to other company for a profit margin. In this case you can ask the company not to do the same. If not possible then you should ask for other company’s details. This will help you to decide on the reliability factor of the company, whether you can trust them or not.

Call 3 hours before the event & ensure that everything is fine & in place.

Hence, now you will be able to rent a perfect limousine for you & make your special event, even more special!

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