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Limo Travel | ExoticaLimo

Limo Travel | ExoticaLimo Everyone wishes to live a royal life. This is not possible in today’s modern world. But there is one thing which can still make this royal life possible – A Limo Travel. Limos and royal are two words which can be taken together as travelling in a limo is not less than any royal task. Though it is not possible for all to buy a limo, as it needs high maintenance but one can always hire a limo. There are many limo rental companies who provide these services but only a handful are reputed and Read more [...]

Limo for sweet 16 Celebration | Exotica Limo Services

Limos for sweet 16 Celebration | Exotica Limo Services Birthday celebrations are always a great way to make the birthday boy and girl feel special. These birthdays have some special milestones which when achieved are a great feeling. One such milestone achieved is the sweet 16 birthdays. This is special for the birthday girl as she would like to celebrate this special day in style and with the best friends. Being a parent you should plan your daughter’s birthday in the most elegant way. This can be easily done by renting a limo service for her celebrations. Read more [...]

Cadillac Escalade SUV | Exotica Limousine Services

Everyone likes to drive a smooth vehicle and feel safe about the built and it’s sturdiness for travel. Not all vehicles are up to the same specifications as expected. Therefore for a true driving pleasure and experience you should try out the Cadillac Escalade SUV. This SUV is engineered and manufactured by General Motors and is still the best selling full size luxury SUV with more of chrome and better handling and better performance and better quality of material as well. The Cadillac’s Escalade Read more [...]

Ford Excursion SUV | Exotica Limo Services

Ford Excursion SUV    There are ways to celebrate your special days or life events. One such way is to hire a limousine on rent and ride in style on this day. You would find many types of limousines and one such limo is the Ford Excursion SUV. This SUV is the largest SUV that has been manufactured by Ford till today. It also has a stylish option to having to buy a van to accommodate your storage needs as well as your towing needs. However the Ford Excursion SUV will also be off road ready which is something that Read more [...]